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introductionMy name is Joe Flores, Owner and Founder of Motif Web Design. I started Motif Web Design in order to be able to offer simple website design services to all small businesses seeking their first website or improving their current website.

Many small businesses can not afford the time or money to pay a custom website design agency to get their business online and in front of potential customers on the World Wide Web. I found a niche with designing and building websites for those small businesses. Companies just beginning to get their feet wet and yet, want a beautiful, professionally designed website that will draw those potential customers in and begin generating income.

At Motif Web Design we professionally proofread and embellish your content so you will stand out from your competition with error-free content. Many websites have typographical errors, misspellings, terrible sentence structure, etc. which will possibly turn away potential customers.

Because I'm small business owner myself, I want to assist other small businesses by offering website design at a very reasonable price. I know that as a small business owner, there are normally not a lot of funds available to pay for a custom website design agency to get a website started or to maintain it.

So, whether you are just starting your business and you need a website immediately or have been established for awhile, but can't afford those custom website design agency fees, let Motif Web Design take the stress and burden off of you and create your website now to showcase your business online in a way that will attract new customers while saving you your hard-earned money.

We hope we can assist you with getting your website out in front of your potential customers today.

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